Frequently Asked Questions About The Columbia Police Foundation

What is the Columbia Police Foundation?
The Foundation is a not-for-profit Missouri corporation which is recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation, the first organization of its kind in Missouri, is a supporting organization of the Columbia, Missouri Police Department. Although the Foundation works to support the police department, it stands apart from it and is governed by its own board of trustees.
When was the Foundation formed?
The Foundation was formed in the fall of 2002, and received its 501(c)(3) designation in January 2003.
Why was the Foundation created?
The Foundation was created to formally organize the community support the police department has received for several decades. The Foundation raises funds to provide additional resources to the men and women of the Columbia Police Department, and to strengthen its effectiveness in providing quality police service to the citizens of Columbia. Does the Foundation receive tax monies?
No. Gifts to the Foundation are charitably made and not the result of tax assessments. However, the Foundation does qualify for grants sponsored by various government programs.
How does the Foundation operate?
The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is comprised of twelve members, half representing a broad crosss section of the community and half police departatment representatives. The Board elects three officers (President, Secretary and Treasurer) to manage the business of the Foundation. Foundation programs are funded through tax-deductible contributions and are administered by the Board.
Are gifts made to the Foundation tax-deductible?
The Foundation enjoys charitable tax-exempt status from the IRS. Cash and in-kind contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible for income tax reporting purposes.
In what ways can I give to the Foundation?
Individuals, businesses and organizations can make a cash contribution to the Foundation. Or, in-kind gifts of services or property are also accepted.