Who We Are

The Columbia Police Foundation was established in 2002 to fund urgently needed programs and equipment for the Columbia, Missouri Police Department. Unfortunately, because of increased diligence required by law enforcement since September 11, 2001, it is nearly impossible for any government to effectively train and equip a modern law enforcement agency. At the time, Chief Randy Boehm, the Columbia Police Officers’ Association and a small group of business and civic leaders established the Foundation to support the men and women of the Columbia Police Department through traditional means.


The Columbia Police Foundation, the first organization of its kind in Missouri, was established to strengthen the effectiveness of the Columbia Police Department and to provide it with additional tools to maintain the highest quality of police service possible. The Foundation will create partnerships to enhance police services, aid officers and their families through the officer down fund and to encourage citizen participation in maintaining a safe community. The Columbia Police Foundation is a tax-exempt organization that encourages and supports the improvement of communications between the public and the police, the initiation of innovative studies and programs to improve the performance and effectiveness of the Columbia Police Department, and other projects. Through events and major gifts, the Foundation is able to provide support.


The Columbia Police Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is comprised of twelve members representing a broad cross-section of Columbia’s business and community leadership. Foundation programs are funded through tax-deductible contributions and are administered by the Board of Trustees. Board of Trustees

  • Randy Boehm , President
  • Bryana Larimer, Secretary
  • Heather Grote, Treasurer
  • Sergeant Kim German
  • Officer Eric Wiegman
  • Sergeant Cyndi McLane
  • Assistant Chief Jill Schlude
  • Sergeant Clinton Sinclair
  • Gary Tatlow
  • Karen Taylor
  • Heather Grote
  • Andre Cook
  • Michael Richards